According to Crain's Chicago Business, the Ritz-Carlton Residences on Michigan Avenue are close to selling out their remaining luxury condos.

If you have been looking for a luxury Michigan Avenue condo for sale in the last 13 years, the Ritz-Carlton Residences were always a great, but very unique option. The location right on Michigan and Erie couldn't be better and the quality of life at the residences is beyond comparison. 

As the name indicates, the amenities and services at these homes are more like a luxury hotel than a residential condo building. I've always believed in the success of this concept, even though it surely appeals to a very distinct buyer. 

As the article indicates, there have been many price adjustments and marketing efforts…

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Don't you feel kind of relieved that the holidays are over? If you are like me, December is the best time of the year but after so much celebrating and entertaining, January offers a welcome relief from all that. 

For me, I like to start off the new year by re-setting my home and neighborhood to be my haven for rest and relaxation. I believe it’s imperative to replenish our bodies with energy through exercise and seasonal fare that is good for body and soul. 

I love taking long walks outside around my neighborhood. Our home is more than our dwelling – it’s our neighbors and local businesses, too. Getting outdoors at least once a day for a walk (even in the chilly temperatures) reconnects me to my home, works off the stress of the day and…

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Condominium Boards typically prepare an agenda for their meetings. The purpose of the agenda is to keep the meeting focused and to make sure that the topics typically discussed at a Board meeting are covered. The agenda typically includes a president's report, a treasurer's report, several committee reports, a management report, old business and new business. In addition, there may be special presentations from service providers or vendors. Even though many boards like to list the new business items separately, this is technically not necessary. Boards are allowed to discuss and vote on items that are not specifically listed, as long as they are being discussed under new business. 

Association members are invited to attend all Board meetings, even…

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