Financing Options for International Buyers of Real Estate in the US

Posted by Andreas Holder on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 4:52pm.

How Foreigners Buy Real Estate In the US


International home buyers have been pouring billions of dollars in the US housing market in the last few years, to take advantage of the lower prices and the weaker dollar. 

But many foreigners find it difficult to understand and navigate through the home buying process, as it can be confusing and different from state to state. The fact that most foreign buyers are negotiating from abroad, doesn't make the process any easier. 

Most foreigners who buy a home in the US pay cash. However, since the US mortgage rates are generally lower than in their home country, more and more buyers are interested in obtaining financing for their second - or third - home in the US. Some lenders have specific programs available for foreign buyers. Here is an example of what a lending program for foreigners may look like, as offered by a major national bank:

  • Properties eligible: warrantable & non-warrantable condominiums and co-ops and 1-4 unit residential buildings
  • Purchases, rate & term and cash out refinances available
  • Primary, 2nd home or investment
  • Kiddie condos and co-ops
  • Unlimited cash out
  • Title can be held in an LLC
  • Simple income verification CPA or HR letter
  • No asset verification
  • No reserve requirements
  • No US or foreign credit report
  • No banking relationship required
  • All visa types (except Diplomat)
  • Passport honored for US Visa Waiver Program

A foreign national borrower does not need to have proof of residency or citizenship in the United States

As you can see from this example, getting financing for real estate properties in the US as a foreigner is not difficult at all. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for more information!





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