Post Holiday Relaxation Starts At Home

Posted by Andreas Holder on Sunday, January 8th, 2017 at 5:25pm.

Don't you feel kind of relieved that the holidays are over? If you are like me, December is the best time of the year but after so much celebrating and entertaining, January offers a welcome relief from all that. 

For me, I like to start off the new year by re-setting my home and neighborhood to be my haven for rest and relaxation. I believe it’s imperative to replenish our bodies with energy through exercise and seasonal fare that is good for body and soul. 

I love taking long walks outside around my neighborhood. Our home is more than our dwelling – it’s our neighbors and local businesses, too. Getting outdoors at least once a day for a walk (even in the chilly temperatures) reconnects me to my home, works off the stress of the day and reinvigorates my body for tomorrow.

Seasonal fare:  While the cold Chicago winters can trick us into eating heavy and unhealthy, I satisfy my need for warm and savory dishes by cooking light stews and braises using in-season winter vegetables. They’re filling, full of nutrients and also bring a warmth, glow and delicious aroma to any home during these chilly winter evenings.  Preparing stews and soups is easier than you think: Seasonal root vegetables, a lean cut of beef or lamb and a good broth is all you need - and patience. A delicious one pot meal needs time to combine all the flavors into a wonderful sensation. 

The bustle and energy of the holiday season is giving way to the long winter months ahead. Our homes are the place to reenergize and replenish ourselves. Walk through different neighborhoods to explore the city and discover new areas and - who knows? - perhaps you discover an area where you would like to live.  I'd be happy to help you find your next dream home there!





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